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Pimpity Pimp Pimp

Because nothing makes the summer hiatus shorter than quality fanfiction.

vm-fic is a general Veronica Mars fanfiction archive already sporting more than 100 fics before it's unveiling. Quality fic of any and all genre or pairing, gathered in one place and organized for easy navigation. Read. Review. Write. Post. Just Poke Around. Whatever your heart desires. Tell your friends and help us get this project off the ground! Remember, more fic in the archive means more fic for you to read!

Laura will now return to her regularly scheduled absence from this journal.
Tags: fanfic is awesome, veronica mars
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A Laura! ._. *misses the Laura*
Holy crap, I was just thinking of you. I was remembering that you are cute. With your cute icon of yourself. And here you are, alive!
YAY! ::hugs!!::
She's aliiiive!!
Hey, you! Still alive? What's up? How are you doing?
Hey, was just thinking of you - hope everything is OK :)