Laura (lauranobaka) wrote,

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I am just seven hours old!

I have rice in my bra, got hit in the face with toast, took a toilet paper roll to the nose and nearly got sliced by a playing card.

Rocky Horror Picture Show = SO MUCH FUN.

(Also, HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!)
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Whee! I went to a theatre last night for this!! People are a lot freakier in my area than I originally thought.

BUT, some jackass was randomly throwing out pumpkin guts for some reason ... everyone else got a kick out of it.
i have yet to see RHPS in a theatre with other people. one of these days...

Okay, I'm late, but still!

Ack, I'm so jealous! I wanna go to that dinner theatre they're doing of it in Niagara!
yay! i went to rhps for halloween too :)
*pokepoke* Guess what I managed to get a copy of?

... the Jekyll & Hyde musical, complete with one Mr David Hasselhoff.
It is your birthday in two days! Happy early Birthday Laura!
I hope you don't mind, but I've friended you because you like Veronica Mars, and I like Veronica Mars, and I think that is a very good reason for people to meet. :) Also, you have an icon of the infamous Spiderman dance from Coupling, and that makes you probably one of the coolest people ever.
Would you happen to have the track list for the Willow cd you made for the btvs_soundtrack community?