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Pimpity Pimp Pimp

Because nothing makes the summer hiatus shorter than quality fanfiction.

vm-fic is a general Veronica Mars fanfiction archive already sporting more than 100 fics before it's unveiling. Quality fic of any and all genre or pairing, gathered in one place and organized for easy navigation. Read. Review. Write. Post. Just Poke Around. Whatever your heart desires. Tell your friends and help us get this project off the ground! Remember, more fic in the archive means more fic for you to read!

Laura will now return to her regularly scheduled absence from this journal.
misc : me

I am just seven hours old!

I have rice in my bra, got hit in the face with toast, took a toilet paper roll to the nose and nearly got sliced by a playing card.

Rocky Horror Picture Show = SO MUCH FUN.

(Also, HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!)
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drwho : early

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Stupid Tintin essay handed in early (with prof's permission) and I am now going to crawl into bed and die.

So tired. Can barely function.

So sick. Can barely breathe.
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ewan : huh?


Have returned safely to Waterloo.

The Decemberists were fucking AMAZING. seriously. again.

Will write more on concert after sleep.

OMG sweet, sweet sleep.....

Haven;'t watched VM yet.

Am actually so tired as to want sleep before watching the downloaded episode.

Believe this is a testament to my sleepiness.

Going to bed now.

(did I mention they were fucking awesome? Seriously. They covered Mr Blue Sky. It rocked my world.)
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buffyverse : fred

simple math

Lots of schoolwork
+ family bullshit
+ money trouble
= stress.

Decemberists concert tomorrow
= happy.

Decemberists concert tomorrow
+ empty bank account
= crap.

Decemberists concert tomorrow
+ empty bank account
+ last bus back to Waterloo being at 11:30 and thus too early to guarantee catching
= anger. and also, crap.

+ hunger
+ money trouble
= I am so fucking sick of kraft dinner.

+ computer lab
+ 45 minutes 'til tutorial
+ loudly rumbling stomach
= crap.

Veronica Mars tonight
+ fandom
+ LJ friends
= happy.
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Just another driveby update. Will be back in Waterloo tomorrow night around 11ish. Realize taht very few people actually care about this information. :P

(Phae? Will you still be awake around then? :P)
babylon5 : baby!

(no subject)

FYI: Janine is awesome.

Also, Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle was filmed in Toronto/Mississauga/Brampton.

Also, I got told off by an asshole maintenance guy at work and Lynda freaked out at him. Jerkwad.

Also, I'm so allergic to janine's cat that it borders on painful.

Also, this entry is really pointless.

Love me anyway?
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