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It's the 4th of October.

Why, Laura, are you stating the obvious?

It's the frigging 4th of October.

Where did the time go?

No. it's the frigging 4th of October.

Yes, it is... Your point

Why the FUCK is it 27 degrees out?! That's 80F! Do I not live in Canada? The great white fucking north?! How are we supposed to maintain our image as igloo-living fur-catchers when we can hardly walk down the street without sweating through our ridiculously thin t-shirts?!

This post is brought to you by the fact it's too fucking hot in Waterloo and Laura is about thisclose to snapping. and also, the letter F.

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Here's something I don't understand. This isn't about any one particular person on my flist or one particular fandom, it's something I've seen time and again in the last year. It's not just about BSG or Veronica Mars or Firefly anything else. It's not directed at the people who poted today or yesterday or last month. it's just something that's been confusing me.

Why are people so adamant about not watching something just because other people love it?

Now, before people grab their pitchforks, hear me out. I'm not talking about that show EVERYONE loves and the premise just sounds stupid to you. Or that show with that actress you HATE and can't stand to see in anything. The show I'm talking about is that show that sounds interesting and looks cool and you normally would've watched but the ONLY thing keeping you from watching it is the people around you who LOVE it.

Now, I understand that nobody likes anything to be forced down their throats. Unfortunately, I've seen a LOT of hatred for what people post in their own journals. Bitching that people should "shut up about x show/movie/book/comic already" and that sort of thing. It's a personal journal, people.

Lets say my favourite thing in the entire world is orange socks. and 99% of the posts in my journal mention orange socks. and you never had a problem with orange socks, wouldn't hate them if you had a pair. Suddenly, a bunch of your other friends take up the orange socks love! Everyone's posting about orange socks! Now, you were never anti-orange socks before, but since everyone seems to be so fixated on orange socks you suddenly insist on being anti-orange socks? Or worse, you know you'd probably like orange socks if you just wore a pair, but somehow the fact that a lot of people around you are into the orange socks craze makes you want to boycot orange socks on principle alone?

That's what I don't understand. Explain it to me? I'm open to eharing other people's points of view. that's why I'm making this post. I'm honestly curious.

Now, lets change the scenario. Say I go on a rampage and declare that I won't be friends with anyone who doesn't wear orange socks! In that case, I'm being absolutely ridiculous and petty and obsessive and really, you shouldn't want to be friends with me. In that case, it makes sense to be anti-orange socks because, really, orange socks have fundamentally altered the mental state of your friend.

In addition to that, the other thing that's been bugging me lately is this:

Why do people get mad at others for posting about things they enjoy?

Yeah, it sucks to feel excluded from your friends journal because you don't watch/aren't interested in what they've been posting about lately. If you honestly aren't interested then don't read those posts. If you're intrigued by it, why keep yourself from something you might enjoy just because other people seem to really love it? I've seen a lot of guilt lately from people who are involved in fandoms and that makes me sad. I don't understand people who say they feel like they can't post about orange socks becuase people have gotten mad at them for posting only about orange socks. If you don't like orange socks, don't read those posts.

Yeah, fandom can be scary and insane and tunnelvision-y. But at the same time fandom can be awesome and thought-provoking and fun. It really pains me to see so many people unwilling to post their fandomy thoughts or admit that they think about things jsut because they're worried about the backlash they'd get.

If you like something, post about it. Anyone who freaks out at you isn't worth being friends with and hey, maybe you'll bring this love of orange socks to someone else.

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WHY is there a bagpipe band walking down King st? and then stopping right outside my building to play a number before moving another block and repeating?


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so, unhappyending and I went and saw a movie today....

Serenity!!!Collapse )

Phae and I are going again at 9:40 tonight with cupcakery and Richard whose username I can never spell and am too lazy to look up right now. *beams*


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Veronica Mars 2x01 - Normal is the WatchwordCollapse )

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When you see this on your flist, quote Firefly.

Mal: "Inara, think you could stoop to being on my arm?"
Inara: "Will you wash it first?"
-Heart of Gold

Three days until Serenity!!!!!


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...fuck being awake.

(I hate mornings.)

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OMG! Casper was on TV tonight!! Phaedra and I sat on my couch eating ice cream, wrapped in blankets and watching Casper.

Or rather, crying over Casper.

*headdesks* We are such girls.

(But seriously folks... that movie breaks my heart. Can I keep you? OMG! Just... OMG!)

...does anyone have the vocal song from the end of Casper?

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OMG. Today was fucking awesome.

Saw Corpse Bride with unhappyending and Sandra. SO GOOD. Plus, the yogen fruz guy was cracking us up. He fucked up Phae's order then while trying to fix it he just kept laughing at himself. Oh, and there was a huge Serenity poster up at the cinema which we promptly hugged and made eyes at like the terrible fangirls we are. Love!

Anyway, we hung around the mall for a while which included such awesomeness as the cute bra massacre 2005 and the 100 dollar teddy bear. Oh, and donuts!

Afterwards, we went back to Sandra and my appartment and Hit Me Baby One More Time was on... and get this: A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS. *flails* This is awesome because last time I watched this shady_lane (I think) kept saying he wanted to see A Flock of Seagulls... and there they were! OMG!

Sandra went to work and Phae and I ordered KFC (mmm...) watched some Coupling (Spiderman!) and she forced me through Interview with the Vampire. Which, OMG, was totally scary. I nearly jumped out of my skin at some points!

After that we ended up watching Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle... just... SO FUCKING FUNNY. I nearly died about twelve times. "Did Doogie Howser just steal my fucking car..?" *dies*

Okay, and since I forgot to post about it on Wednesday... I sat through Lost with Phaedra this week which spawned the most hilarious running joke EVER. Vague Lost spoilersCollapse )

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Veronica Mars rewatch? check.

Roommate completely hooked and counting the seconds until next Wednesday? check.

Roommate going "Poor Logan!!!!" every few seconds? Check.

Roommate who hypothesized the murder five episodes before the finale? check.

Roommate who believed me when I told her it was a stupid theory? CHECK.

My work here is done.

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