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Watch Veronica Mars, Dammit!

I have ten hours to pack up my entire apartment.... naturally I made this post.

A PLEA: to the folks on my flist who come through anime conventions, school or anything else not generally related to fandom. Even if you hate every other show I talk about, just at least read this post?


Official Show Description from
In the wealthy, seaside community of Neptune, the rich and powerful make the rules, they own the town and the high school, and desperately try to keep their dirty little secrets just that... secret. Unfortunately for them, there's Veronica Mars, a smart, fearless 17-year-old apprentice private investigator dedicated to solving the town's toughest mysteries.

But Laura, that sounds really lame...
Of course it does. It's an official show description. When are those ever flattering? Naturally, it only touches the surface of what Veronica Mars is about. I only have it there because I couldn't be bothered to try and make a short summary.

Then what would you say it's about?
Well, it's about Veronica Mars, naturally. High School Student by day, assistant private investigator by... well, by day as well. She's solving crimes and snarking up a storm!

How is that different from any other show on television?
It isn't. What makes Veronica Mars something other than CSI in High School is the big picture. And by that, I mean the non-case of the week plot that's seamlessly woven into every episode.

Who Killed Lilly Kane?

Lilly was Veronica's best friend. Approximately a year before the first episode, Lilly was found dead at her home. Veronica's father, the sheriff, was convinced that Lilly's father, Jake Kane, had something to do with her death. The interrogation of Jake Kane, one of the most powerful men in Neptune, turned up nothing, but sheriff Mars was still convinced of his involvement. The people of Neptune were so upset by these false accusations that there was a recall election, and Sheriff Mars was removed from office. Apparently unable to deal with the loss of status, Veronica's mother left town. Once one of the most popular girls at school, Veronica is now outcasted because she chose to stand by her father.

Sounds Kinda Interesting....
It is. Every week a new piece of the Lilly Kane puzzle is revealed. Every week we learn more. From tampered evidence to surveilance pictures. Questions of paternity to changing motives. Characters who seemed a little pointless at the beginning are deeply involved in the case. Everything comes back to Lilly.

Well, tell me about the characters.
Don't have to ask me twice!

Kristen Bell

Snarky, intelligent and likeable, Veronica is obviously the heroine of our story. She lost both her best friend and her mother in a short span of time. Not to mention her boyfriend, friends, and reputation. To make matters worse, shortly after her fathers removal from office, she attended a party being thrown by her old friends... and someone drugged her drink! "You want to know how I lost my virginity? So do I." She's come out of this more than a little bitter, but more determined than ever to solve the mystery.

Jason Dohring

"Every school needs an obligatory psychotic jackass." says Veronica. "He's ours." At first, Logan seems like nothing but a complete asshole. He's the priveleged son of a famous movie actor and one of the most popular guys at Neptune High. In light of his asshatishness it's easy to forget something: He's grieving too. Logan? Was Lilly's boyfriend.
Teddy Dunn

Pretty much the king of Neptune High, Duncan was Lilly's brother. And Veronica's boyfriend. Just before Lilly's murder he broke up with Veronica without giving her a reason. Since Lilly's death Duncan has become extremely reserved and more than a little brooding. Pain at the loss of his only sibling? Or something else?
Francis Capra

Eli Navarro, or Weevil, is the leader of a motorcycle gang. More than just a rebel, Weevil sees Veronica's skills in action and is more than a little impressed. Since she saved his ass, he helps her out when he can. The question that remains unaswered is what exactly is Weevil's mysterious connection to Lilly and her murder?
Percy Daggs III

Wallace is new to Neptune, and manages to simultaneously piss off Weevil's motorcycle gang AND the new sheriff. We don't really know much about Wallace yet, except that his position as an assistant in the attendance office is extremely helpful to Veronica and her cases.
Enrico Colantoni

Veronica's Dad. Former sherriff, now a private investigator. I tried to be serious when writing this but I can't help it. Keith? Is AWESOME. He's the eprfect mix of dad and dork and he's unbelievably endearing. I love him. And unlike some TV parents, he does nothing but add to the excellent dynamic of the show.
Amanda Seyfried

The girl in question. Lilly's dead before the show starts, but still manages to pop up in most episodes. Whether it be through flashbacks or hallucinations... and Lilly steals every scene she's in. The audience is growing to love her as much as everyone else did, making the confusing circumstances of her death even more frustrating.

So the characters seem interesting... what else is good about the show?
If I were to elaborate we'd be here all night, so I'm jsut gonna list: The characters, the stories, the acting, the continuity, the mystery, the colours, the snark, the music, the originality, the emotion, the humour.. etc. Everything about this show is awesome. Ten episodes in and I can think of very little to say against it.

Okay, I'll give it a try... when is it on?
Tuesdays at 9pm on UPN.

But that's when Scrubs, The Amazing Race & House are on!
I know. Doesn't that suck?

I Don't get UPN!
Neither do I.

Well... I guess I can't watch then.
WRONG! Torrents for the show generally appear on BTEfnet a little while after the show airs. And for the older episodes, go_pirates is definitely the way to go!

_jems_ has an extremely handy BT guide, for those who don't already use it.

Not quite sold yet... got anything left up your sleeve?
Why yes, here's a select 64 screencaps (I TRIED to narrow it further... but I wanted all the pretty shots and some of every character and... yeah. it's a PRETTY show, dammit!)

Caps By _jems_
Official UPN Site
Mars Investigations
Veronica Mars for Newbies
Neptune High
Kristen Bell Online

...and now I'm going to run off and start packing!
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